The Most Effective Shampoo for Dry Hair

Shampooing Your Hair1 The Most Effective Shampoo for Dry HairWe often see hair care product ads of attractive women with beautiful, shiny, and flowing tresses. Oftentimes, we wish we had hair like that and try hard enough to make our hair look its best.

However, no matter how we take proper care of our hair with the use of commercial hair care products, we are not yet satisfied with how our hair looks. It still lacks the shine and luster that it needs, and is still dull-looking.

We need to understand what makes our hair look dull by having background information of the composition of your hair. Our hair is made up of strands with 3 layers namely the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle.

Positioned at the core is the medulla, which is comprised by soft cells that are coin-shaped, stacked on top of each other while the cortex surrounds the medulla, and is made up of cells shaped like spindles, and is the determinant of the hair color and texture.

The outer layer of the hair strand is the cuticle, consisting of round, hard, and tubular cells that overlap. This acts as armor for the delicate and softer cells found inside your hair shaft.

When the cuticle is injured or damaged, the overlapping cells tend to curl in an outward or upward motion. Because of this, the following consequences will be observed. The hair becomes difficult to comb because of the overlapping of the smooth strand over the lumpy ones.

The middle layer which is soft becomes exposed and this results in split ends and breakages. The cells that curl diffuse the light falling on the hair which gives it a completely dull appearance.

Dull hair can be prevented in several ways including the use of shampoo for dull hair. The best shampoo for your dry and dull hair is the one with low pH. When in search for the shampoo for dull hair, avoid the high alkaline shampoos which will make the cuticle cells curl.

The hair must be shampooed regularly but not too often. The hair secretes oil naturally and when left unwashed can coat your hair. The oil will then attract dirt and dust and will give your hair a dull look. However, too much washing can also strip the hair of its natural oils and also its moisture.

After a shampoo, rinse your hair well. Bits of shampoo coating on your hair will only give you an itchy scalp and will diffuse the natural sheen of your hair.

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