Ayurveda: Effective Treatment for Dull Hair


Your hair is your crowning glory and is easily noticed by many people, hence the need to make it healthy and shiny. Our hair is also an indicator of whether we are healthy or not. Thick, shiny, strong, and lustrous hair means that an individual is healthy. However, when the hair is dry, dull, discolored, [...]

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Learning About Dull Hair Causes and What Should be Done to Avoid Them


Dry hair occurs because the hair lacks the moisture and oil it needs to make it soft, shiny, smooth and supple. When dry hair is experienced, it will become brittle and dull and will have a frizzy texture. This is caused by over-exposure of the hair to the sun and to the elements such as [...]

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Proven and Tested Homemade Hair Treatments for Dry Hair


If your problem is your hair which is dull, damaged, dry, and brittle, there are remedies that can be used in answer to these hair problems. Homemade hair treatments for dry hair can be easily prepared and the raw ingredients for making the treatments are readily available. These homemade remedies work to condition the hair [...]

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Proven Effective Natural Tips for Shiny Hair


Our hair is our crowning glory and we exert much effort in maintaining its health and beauty, as well as its luster and shine. There are many products for hair care sold in the market but instead of making use of these to wash, give color, and perm your hair; it is smarter to use [...]

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Natural Remedies for Shiny Hair: Homemade Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair and Make it Shine


We always want what is best for our hair especially when we desire hair that is healthy, strong, and shiny. But sometimes, we have a limited budget and we cannot afford to buy those expensive hair care products that we want to use for our hair. However, there are alternative routes to attaining the kind [...]

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How to Make Dull Hair Shiny and Healthy


Most women feel better and even proud when they have beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair. They feel depressed and miserable when their hair is unmanageable and not good-looking. Beautiful and shiny hair is what many women desire no matter what corner of the world they belong to. But then, it cannot be avoided that hair [...]

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