How To Get Silky Hair

How To Get Long Silky Hair How To Get Silky HairHair is one of our biggest assets.  It become a multi-million dollar business and is growing in leaps and bounds.  If you cannot afford the extra expense of getting your hair done through natural herbal treatment you can have it through effective home remedies.  The question is how to make your hair shiny see below a list of treatment:

Herbal Shampoo for Hair

1.  Shampoo of flour of gram pulses – Mix flour of gram pulse with water to make paste and apply on the hair two times per week, after an hour wash out hair.  After this treatment the hair becomes dense, black, shining, clean and soft.  It cures boils in the hair and relieves itching.

2.  Shampoo of Multani Clay:  Put 100 gm multani clay in water then after approximately two hours make a paste and gently apply to hair.  After about five to ten minutes you should wash the hair with warm water in wintertime and normal water in summertime.  If your hair is very dirty wash it twice per week.  After washing the hair becomes silky, soft and long.  It gives a light a cool feeling.

Home Remedies for Hair Care

1. Mix black sesame, eclipta alba, sugar candy and dry emblica myrobalan in equal quantities (these are all in powdered form). Drink 6 grams every morning on an empty stomach and then drink 250 gm of milk after.  You should take this treatment for one year with it eat vegetarian food and do not have sex.

2. Place 1 gm black pepper in one hundred grams of curd and apply to scalp.  Wash out the hair with warm water this can be used one per week.  After this treatment the hair stops falling out and becomes black and beautiful.

3.  To prevent hair loss mix beetroot leaves in heena paste and apply to hair this also cures dandruff.

4.  To prevent gray hairs, add eclipta alba and black sesame equality in quantity.  Each morning chew a teaspoonful of this concoction on an empty stomach and then drink fresh water. This should be taken daily for 6 months. This is successful for persons over forty years old.

5. Heat three hundred grams of coconut oil with three grams of black pepper added to it. Stop heating when it starts to boil then sieve in a fine clean cloth and keep in a bottle.  Gently massage into hair with fingertip into hair each night. This makes hair shiny and manageable.

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