Learning About Dull Hair Causes and What Should be Done to Avoid Them

keratin hair treatments slide 11 Learning About Dull Hair Causes and What Should be Done to Avoid ThemDry hair occurs because the hair lacks the moisture and oil it needs to make it soft, shiny, smooth and supple. When dry hair is experienced, it will become brittle and dull and will have a frizzy texture. This is caused by over-exposure of the hair to the sun and to the elements such as strong wind.

It can also be caused by environmental factors such as pollution and dirt scattered in the surroundings. This can also happen when the hair gets chlorine when one goes swimming in pools and salt when in open waters. Dry hair can be an annoyance when it becomes a recurring problem.

When dry hair becomes chronic, it comes from an internal source and can be a sign of an underlying health problem. It is important to know what these dull hair causes are so that you will be informed of what causes yours. If the different conditioning treatments for dry hair will not in anyway improve the moisture level of your hair; it is best to consult your doctor. Washing the hair too often will strip the scalp and the hair of its natural oils and will surely take away the moisture, too. This happens most especially when you use a harsh shampoo for washing the hair as it takes away not only the dirt, but also the moisture content of the hair. Heat from curling irons, blow dryers, and electric curlers will also contribute to the dryness.

Because of this, it is not advisable to wash daily but try washing it just two or three times a week with the use of a mild shampoo and a quality conditioner. Look for the product that uses vegetable proteins for the recovery of dry and damaged hair. If you want to use natural home remedies, mayonnaise makes an excellent conditioner. Leave this on the hair for five minutes to an hour before washing the hair thoroughly.

Climate has also something to do in causing the hair to dry out. There are places with very dry heat and little humidity and this can make the hair drier as compared to the areas with humid and tropical climate. Too much exposure to the sun can also make the hair go dry.

If you are an individual who loves the outdoors, you are increasing the chances of your hair becoming dry. Chlorine in swimming pools and salt in ocean water is attributed to making the hair dry also. The use of a hat when staying outdoors and a swim cap when going swimming can reduce the damage these elements contribute on the hair.

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