Ayurveda: Effective Treatment for Dull Hair

hair treatments Ayurveda: Effective Treatment for Dull HairYour hair is your crowning glory and is easily noticed by many people, hence the need to make it healthy and shiny. Our hair is also an indicator of whether we are healthy or not.

Thick, shiny, strong, and lustrous hair means that an individual is healthy. However, when the hair is dry, dull, discolored, and has the presence of dandruff and split ends; this clearly shows that the person is unhealthy.

Hair comprises protein called keratin, which grows from pores on the scalp of the head, known as hair follicles. Even though the hair is a non-living matter, like our other body parts, it needs to be properly taken cared of. Most people say they are already taking measures in the proper care of their hair.

They buy expensive products for the hair like high-end shampoos and conditioners for washing the dirt out of their hair. Others visit costly salons just to have their hair washed and treated. But then, there is no assurance that these will really work.

Many people now are slowly switching to the Ayurvedic techniques of herbal hair care. This is now used by a lot of people in the treatment for dull hair. It is found out that the common problems associated with hair are dull hair, falling hair, and dandruff which are easily treated with Ayurvedic.

The nutrient Vitamin C is considered to be the best treatment for the health of hair. This nutrient is found in rich amounts in the best herb for the hair which is the Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis), traditionally known as amalaki. Most Ayurvedic therapies use amalaki as an ingredient in treating hair problems. There are two Ayurveda methods of preparing amalaki to provide dull hair with shine, luster, and bounce.

1. Prepare one kilo of amalaki juice, ΒΌ kilo of licorice, and one kilo of pure ghee. Cook these ingredients on slow fire and when the liquid component dries up, stop the fire and filter the contents into a bottle. This mixture is used as an application on the hair, just like a conditioner. This treatment has no side effects and you will bring back the natural shine and color of your hair.

2. Bring out the paste of amalaki, henna, and neem in milk and mix thoroughly. Apply this mixture on the hair and leave it on the hair overnight. The next morning, wash the hair and repeat this therapy for a week. You will notice that the hair will get back its color, as well as well as getting the softness you desire for your hair.

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